Swans is the London dry cleaner that hand-finishes all dry cleaning as standard and at a reasonable cost – because it’s the details that are important.

We pre-spot articles before they go in the machine, so even those tricky stains come out. We spot them again after they’ve been through the cleaning process, and if needed, we’ll run them again, so they’re nothing less than pristine when they’re returned to you. And when you’ve had a jacket cleaned by us, you’ll notice that we’ve stuffed your sleeves with tissue paper, so that the sleeves don’t get crushed in your wardrobe.

We’re also one of only two dry cleaners in the country to use the latest Böwe P18 dry cleaning machine – one of the most environmentally friendly machines on the market.

Need to look smart for the office, but don’t have time to battle a pile of stubbornly-creased shirts with an iron every week?

Swans has a complete shirt service – give us your dirty shirts and we’ll wash and press them and give them back to you on hangers for your wardrobe or folded if you’re travelling. Come into our Primrose Hill branch and see our magic shirt machine in action – it takes a wet shirt straight from the machine and turns our a perfect pressed shirt, collar and cuffs in under 60 seconds!

Because we use a 30-degree wash cycle with hand stain pre-spotting rather then a hot wash, your shirts will last much longer.

Swans have tailors and seamstresses in-house who can do almost any alterations and repairs. In fact, they’re so skilled that a major French fashion label entrusts all their UK alterations to us. Here are just a few examples of the kind of work we can do – please drop in with your article if you’d like us to help with your alteration or repair:

  • Jacket re-lining
  • Complete re-sizing (smaller) of coats and other garments
  • Pocket replacements and repairs
  • Curtain lining and re-lining
  • Trouser length alteration
  • Taking in and letting out waistbands
  • Shirt-sleeve length alterations
  • Re-hemming
  • Button replacement

Preserve your most precious dress – the one you looked radiant in on your wedding day.

We clean all types of dresses: organza silk, beaded, satin and lace.

Don’t worry if it went into your wardrobe complete with wine stains from the reception and grass stains from the photos – we’ll do our level best to get it as good as new and pack it lovingly into its own special storage box so it stays that way.

Swans have a complete laundry service, and everything is hand-finished, so you can be certain that all your linens will return in pristine condition, ready for use.

Entrust your table linens, bedding, duvets and other household linen to us – we pre-spot all laundry to remove even the toughest red wine and grease stains, wash them with optical brighteners and finish them with and iron/roller process so they come back polished, crisp and like new.

Extend the life of your furnishings by getting them professionally cleaned at Swans.

We dry clean or launder your furnishings and hand-finish them in a way that looks after the fibres so they last longer, and avoids colour runs and bleeds. For example, if you have a brightly coloured rug with a white fringing we can steam clean the coloured area and hand wash the white fringe so that both are pristine with no colour bleed.

For curtains we can wash or dry clean these – even if they are very large – we can split them at the hems before cleaning and reassemble them afterwards. For curtains which have sun stains or sun damage on the lining we can re-line them to extend their life.

We also offer a take-down and rehanging service if required.

If you have a stain on your favourite leather jacket or a grease mark on your suede coat we can often bring these precious items back to their original state. We can apply waterproofing to give your cherished suede jacket the best defence against water marks and light soiling.

If you have scuff marks on your leather jacket, bring them in to us and we can usually re-surface them to make them like new.

Whilst suede is a notoriously difficult material to clean we use our vast experience to ensure that any cleaning does not make the situation worse. If a cleaning treatment is the best course of action we can gently and skilfully restore leathers and suede fabrics.

Had a good night at the awards? Or just at the Christmas party? We can remove the effects of almost any level of revelry from your evening wear, and return your dinner suit or gown fully hand-finished for the next party.

If it will be some time before you’ll need your evening wear again we can freshen it up for you, even if it doesn’t require a clean this time.

Need a spare key for your brother or friends? We have an on-site key cutting facility at our Belsize Park branch – simply bring the originals and we’ll make guaranteed copies in minutes.

Key brands we have available include:

  • Yale
  • Chubb
  • Banham
  • Cisa
  • Union
  • Multi-lock – to order
  • Ingersoll

If your favourite brogues have worn through or you need a new heel on those lovely Manolos, bring them to Swans for a quality repair that will see them like new. Our shoe repairs have a 3-day turnaround.

We also carry out repairs to quality luggage.


Dry cleaning is called “dry” because it doesn’t use water – it uses a cleaning solvent instead of water to clean your clothes. Like most dry cleaners, we use a chemical solvent called “Perc”. It works wonders on your clothes, but it’s not the most environmentally friendly stuff.

That’s why we’ve invested in the latest Böwe machine that retains, completely distills and re-uses over 99.9% of the Perc in the machine. It’s so efficient that our big machine only uses about 4-5 litres of Perc a month – less than a teaspoonful for every kilo of clothing – a better environmental performance than any of the so-called “green” cleaners.


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Primrose Hill

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